The-Wild Survival 1.13 Minecraft server

An almost vanilla 1.13 Minecraft survival server, with Grief Prevention to protect your builds and avoid griefing. PvP is enabled.

Long-term stable server - up since 2012, and we don't do map resets. Map is huge, no world border, several sub-spawns to spread out, including one to all-new 1.13 generated chunks for all the Update Aquatic goodness - turtles, dolphins, fish, coral and all that!

Come play now - hostname port 25565

We have a small, friendly community, and a helpful team of long-term staff. If survival Minecraft in a friendly community is what you're looking for, then come give us a try, we'd be happy to welcome you!

If you have any questions, try The-Wild FAQ for information, join us on IRC (#the-wild on Quakenet or use web chat via Kiwi IRC), or see our forum.

What do we mean by "almost vanilla"? We want the game experience to be as close to playing vanilla Minecraft as possible, so we don't just install every plugin we can find like some servers. We do use some cheat prevention tools, and use Grief Prevention which allows you to "claim" areas of land, preventing other players from building/breaking blocks there (unless you give them trust to do so). We have a Dynmap-powered live world map. We also use some custom code to protect new players from PvP while they get settled in, and automatically protect players from PvP after a certain number of deaths to avoid the frustration of being killed over and over - although you can opt-out of that if you're a willing participant. Some players are keen PvPers, and some are builders who never PvP, so whichever your play style, you'll fit right in.

Come and join us today!